As we begin the new concept projects, our community has found the need for the follow volunteer positions. 


  • PHP Developer
  • Graphic Designer
  • App Developer(s) Android/Apple
  • Team Organizers
  • Public Relations Coordinator 
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To provide Gaming Administrators with the

Tools, Assistance, Services and Knowledge to support and expand their communities.


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In an on going effort to better serve this community we have started a new research and development team. This team will assist in the new foundation of our community and our projects. If interested please private message als

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We'll be moving to new hosting today. Site should only be down for an hour or so. There should be no visible difference after the switch. I'll update this post once completed.

...And we're back!
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A new site is currently under development based on the Drupal Platform. More information regarding the planned features, projects and games covered will be discussed in the somewhat near future. Until then, please feel free to join the Official UA facebook page at . Feel free to post your site suggestions, gaming questions and other topics there and I'll personally try to respond to as many as possible.
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As part of a recent software upgrade, the forums are now accessible via mobile device (iPhone, Blackberry, Android, etc). Same URL as always; the site will auto detect you are connecting with a mobile device and give you a different skin more appropriate for your screen size. Also, if you are using an iOS based device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) you can download the IPB forum app which allows for (configurable) push notifications of new posts, replies, PMs, and other events.

And finally, for those security conscious among us, the forums are now using SSL to transfer your username and password during logon.
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The migration to new hosting has completed successfully. Thank you all for your patience during this process.
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We are in the process of migrating to new hosting. During this time the website, forums, and wiki will be unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
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Founded in 2001 by HoundDawg, UnitedAdmins (UA) has had a long and relatively influential history through online gaming (be it tutorials, anti-cheats, or stat processors). As of recent years however, its public-face has changed to a much more dormant/lifeless state. This is partly due to real life among most of the UA team, as well as unique individual circumstances. None the less, the passion which we all share for the community still burns strong, and the necessity pointed out by HoundDawg in his post "Phoenix Nest" is still quite evident. As mentioned in the previously mentioned thread, starting and maintaining a game server designed to meet your needs was and still is, a relatively difficult task. It is our hope and focus to re-establish UnitedAdmins as a platform to provide the necessary files, refrences, and how-to information to promote the various platforms related to PC gaming.

It was a year ago that HoundDawg announced the successful completion of the previous 'Project Phoenix' which was focused on developing a stable framework for UnitedAdmins to communicate with the community. While the staff may have lost direction after the initial project, the lessons learned and the foundation developed, will most certainly continued to be utilized during this continued endeavor. While a good deal has already been done in regards to establishing a plethora of communication tools (wiki, forums, irc channel, etc) we must still stress that the site is in heavy development. Any and all inconsistencies in regards to design, functionality, or place-holder content will be addressed. Feedback during this process is of course greatly appreiated, so please do not hesitate let us know what you think.

Additionally, I would personally like to present a request to the community. That request is to simply reply to this thread with what you feel UnitedAdmins should focus on. A few potential topics which could stimulate the growth of the community are briefly listed below:

  • What do you feel is lacking in the community as a Server Admin
  • What do you feel is currently covered adequately
  • What do you feel UnitedAdmins did the best in the past
  • What do you feel UnitedAdmins could improve on the most from it's previous forms

UnitedAdmins is here for the community, but the only way UA can successfully meet the needs of the community is through the participation of the community.
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Hello everyone.

I've got some time and updated and cleaned the wiki.

It is more "organized" yet, but not overall finished.

This is where you will come in and can take part. Jump over to the wiki and help to make the first stop about game server information.

If you run a gameserver, it doesn't care which one, you can write about it there.

If you are unsure you can use the Wiki Sandbox first. There others will help you to make the final and killer wiki artikle.

So don't be shy, can contribute.

Banana and the UA Team.
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